Bricks, Bots, and Beakers of South Florida Parties

Bricks, Bots, and Beakers of South Florida Parties

Bricks Bots and Beakers

Ages 5-11

This is THE party for kids who want to become veterinarians, or who just love animals! Children will get to adopt a pet or wild plush animal (no live animals).  Party includes plush animal, all lesson materials, and a 60-minute interactive lesson. All participants will get to keep their plush animal and the birthday child will also get a t-shirt.  Your choice of one (1) topic from one (1) of the options below.

Up to 12 Participants:

Resident $275; Non-resident $343.75

Additional participant per person fee (not to exceed 8): Resident $25; Non-resident $31.25


1. Future Veterinarian topics (pet): 

a. The Vet Pharmacy and Lab

b. Pet Anatomy and Physiology

c. Pet Surgery and Vaccines

2. Zany Zoology topics (wild animal):

a. Chameleons and Penguins

b. X-rays and Bird Beaks

c. Poison Dart Frogs