School's Out Programs (PBC)

Bright & Smart and Fun & Fitness

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Ages 5-11 years

Participants will test materials, meet design constraints, and dream up amazing structures using a variety of different materials including KEVA planks, straws & cardboard, candy, and more! Activities include testing column strength, designing your own floor plans, building an edible bridge, and creating & testing your own rollercoaster! Promotes critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, & innovation. Materials Fee $15 (KEVA planks, KEVA cards, construction materials) payable to the instructor at the on the first day.

INSTRUCTOR:       Bricks, Bots, & Beakers Staff

ACTIVITY:               113034

DAY:                        Friday, Wednesday

TIME:                       8:30am-3:00pm

DATES:                   A2, November 1

COST:                     per 1 day: Resident $80, Non-resident $100


Ages 6-9

Participants will gain valuable skills such as attention to detail, estimation, collaboration, teamwork, communication, empathy, and learning from failure by designing, creating, building, and programming robots. The curriculum is tailored specifically for the participants. Teamwork and passion are essential for the successful completion of this mission. Participants are groups into teams of two based on their abilities, skills, and age to achieve program objectives. Please remember to bring a lunch, snack, and beverage. Program will take place at the Swim & Racquet Community Center, 21618 St. Andrews Blvd.

INSTRUCTOR:      Bright & Smart Staff

ACTIVITY:              112001

DAY:                        Friday, Wednesday

TIME:                       8:30am-3:00pm

DATE:                     B1,        October 13 CANCELLED

                                 B2,       November 1  CANCELLED

COST                      per 1 day: Resident $95, Non-resident $118.75


Ages 5-11

A day of non-stop fun with theater games, hip hop & fun dances, gymnastics, basketball, crafts, outside activities, Legos and more! Our kids achieve exercise, coordination, gymnastic techniques, team building and learning how to work with others. Promotes social skills, coordination, and teamwork. Please bring a lunch, snacks, a beverage, and wear sneakers for safety. Pre-registration required; deadline is 2 days prior to program date.

INSTRUCTOR:        Joy Deco Enterprises Staff

ACTIVITY:                113426

DAY:                        Friday, Wednesday, 8:30am-5:30pm

DATE:                       B1,     October 13

COST:                     per 1 day: Resident $70, Non-resident $87.50