Winter Break Programs

Winter Break Programs



Ages 7-14 years

Have your child explore, develop their personalities, and draw out their creative sides through acting and improvisation! The activities range from vocal and physical warm-ups, creative improvisation, "acting" games, focus and attention-span building exercises to build confidence in their public speaking, ensemble work, and develop their own creativity, all while having fun! Improv show for parents on Friday, December 29 at 12pm. Please bring a lunch, snack, and beverage.

INSTRUCTOR:          David Tully, Tully Teaches

ACTIVITY:                  113063

DAYS:                          Tuesday-Friday

TIME:                           8:30am-1:00pm

DATES:                       B1,   December 26-December 29

COST:                          per 4-days: Resident $224, Non-resident $280


Ages 6-10 years

Participants learn to pay attention to detail, estimate, collaborate, be team players, communicate, empathize, and learn from failure by designing, creating, building, and programming an array of robots using a curriculum developed primarily for them. Teamwork and passion will be necessary to complete this mission. We work in small groups of up to 10 children per class. To achieve the objectives of the program, students are grouped in teams of 2 according to their abilities, skills, and/or age. Please bring a lunch, snack, and a beverage. Program will take place at the Swim & Racquet Community Center, 21618 St. Andrews Blvd.

INSTRUCTOR:      Bright & Smart Staff

ACTIVITY:             112001

DAYS:                     Varies

TIME:                      8:30am-3:00pm

DATES:                  B3,     December 26

                                 B4,    December 27

                                 B5,     December 28

                                 B6,     December 29

                                 B7,     January 8

                                 B8,     December 26-29

COST:                    per 1 day: $95 Resident, Non-resident $118.75

                                per 4-days (B8): Resident $280, Non-resident $350


Ages 5-11 years

Students will create hands-on projects, learn about famous artists, and explore different artistic techniques. After every class, students will have a completed project to take home. Projects will include canvas paintings, watercolor paintings, 3D mixed media pieces, etc. Promotes fine motor skill development and self-expression. Materials Fee $10 (paint, craft supplies, etc.) payable to the instructor on the first day. Please bring a lunch, snack, and beverage.  Program will take place at the Swim & Racquet Community Center, 21618 St. Andrews Blvd.

INSTRUCTOR:        Eco Creations Staff

ACTIVITY:                 112001

DAYS:                        Tuesday-Friday

TIME:                         8:30am-1:00pm

DATES:                     A3,   January 2-January 5

COST:                        per 4-days: Resident $180, Non-resident $225


Ages 5-11 years

A day of nonstop fun with theater games, hip hop & fun dances, gymnastics, basketball, crafts, outside activities, Legos, and more! Our kids achieve exercise, coordination, gymnastic techniques, team building and learning how to work with others. Please wear sneakers for safety. Please bring a lunch, snacks, and beverage.

INSTRUCTOR:        Joy Deco Enterprises Staff

ACTIVITY:                113426

DAY:                         Varies

TIME:                        8:30am-5:30pm

DATES:                    C1,        December 26

                                   C2,       December 27

                                   C3.       December 28

                                   C4,        January 2

                                   C5,        January 3

                                   C6,        January 4

                                   C7,         January 5

                                   C8,       January 8

COST:                      per 1 day: Resident $70, Non-resident $87.50


Ages 5-10 years

This is THE class for kids who want to become Veterinarians, or who just love animals! Students will "adopt: a plush animal to perform mock exams, surgeries, and other procedures. Topics include: The Vet Pharmacy & Lab, Basic Animal Anatomy & Physiology, Pet Care & Nutrition, Diagnosing Comm Illness & Injuries, Solving "Medical Mysteries", and more! Program will culminate with a mock Vet School graduation. No live animals. Materials Fee $25 (t-shirt, plush pet, lesson materials) payable to instructor at the first class. Please bring a lunch, snack, and beverage.

INSTRUCTOR:    Bricks, Bots, & Beakers of South Florida Staff

ACTIVITY:            113034

DAYS:                   Tuesday-Friday, Monday

TIME:                    8:30am-3:00pm

DATES:                B1, January 2-5 and January 8

COST:                   per 5-day session: Resident $395, Non0resident $493.75