INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER ANIMATION                                  AGES 9-17

Participants will be introduced to the 12 principles of animation and how to apply them in 3D using Autodesk Maya software. Through video lectures, hands-on activities, and instructor guidance, participants will achieve a well-rounded, intuitive, and fun experience in computer animation. Bring a lunch, beverage, and snacks. Min-6; Max-16

Instructor: Cedrick Dawson

DAYS: MONDAY                                                                                       TIME: 8:30am-1:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213101

Date: B1 - March 18

Cost: Resident $75 Non-resident $93.75


NEW! CIRCLE OF FRIENDS                                                                             AGES 4-15

Looking for something fun to do during spring break? Come join in our social play group to assist extra social skills practice. The group is open to all children with special needs. During group there will be a variety of games and activities to do with new friends. Materials Fee $8 due to Instructor at the start of class. Groups are conducted by therapists of My Florida Therapy. Bring a lunch or snack, and beverage. Min-4; Max-10

Instructor: My Florida Therapy

DAYS: MONDAY                                                                                       TIME: 9:00am-1:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213000

Date: G1 - March 18

Cost: Resident $60 Non-resident $75


FUN & FITNESS                                                                 AGES 5-11

Come have nonstop fun with sport games, hip hop dance, gymnastics, arts and crafts, theater games, and more! Bring a lunch, beverage, and snacks. Please wear sneakers for safety. Min-10; Max-25

INSTRUCTOR: Joy Deco & Staff

DAYS: MONDAY & THURSDAY                                                                  TIME: 8:30am-5:30pm

ACTIVITY: 213426

Date: B1 - March 18

          B2 - March 21  

Cost: Per 1 day Resident $65 Non-resident $81.25


KIDZART                                                                                                   AGES 5-12

School is out, but parents are at work.  Spend the day learning to draw and create using a variety of artistic mediums and surfaces. Plus, you’ll participate in team-building activities and play. Each hour is completely different! Bring a lunch, beverage, and snacks. Min-6; Max-20

Instructor: KidzArt PBC Staff

DAYS: TUESDAY & WEDNEDAY                                                               TIME: 8:30am-1:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213013

Date: B1 - March 19

          B2 - March 20  

Cost: Per 1 day Resident $55 Non-resident $68.75


NEW! PUPPETS-ON-THE-RUN                                                            AGES 4-10

From the creators and performers of The Great Space Caper, the puppeteers of Madcap Puppets will teach kids how to build their own puppets to take home. Min-4; Max-25

Instructor: Madcap Puppets

DAYS: TUESDAY                                                                                      TIME: 12:30pm-1:30pm

ACTIVITY: 213020

Dates: A1 - March 19

Cost: Resident $10 Non-Resident $12.50



All good engineers know coding is the language of computers. Using state of the art hardware and software, students will design, create, and code to communicate with their computers to program their own animations. Each day has a different focus, and together with access tools like special sets of Lego bricks, 3D printers, and laptop computers, kids will learn all the individual skills of being an Engineer! Bring a lunch, beverage, and snacks.  Materials Fee $5 for A5 only (3D Printing) due to Instructor at the start of class. Min-6; Max-15

INSTRUCTOR: Bright & Smart Staff

DAYS: WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY                                                   TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213413

Date:  A4 - March 20 (Coding and Lego Robotics)

           A5 - March 21 (Coding and 3D Printing)

           A6 - March 22 (Coding and Engineering)

Cost:  Per 1 session Residents $75 Non-residents $93.75

           Per 2 sessions Residents $145 Non-residents $182.50

           Per 3 sessions Residents $210 Non-residents $266.50


DRAMA KIDS                                                                              AGES 6-13

Get into the act this holiday break! Participate in fun activities that help you think more creatively and learn new acting and confidence-building skills. You’ll be part of silent scenes, improvisations, mini-scripts, snippets, theater games and more…Don’t miss out! Bring a lunch, beverage, and snacks. Min-12; Max-30

Instructor: Monique Young

DAYS: WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY                                                                    TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 213429

Dates: A1-March 20-22

Cost: Per 3 days Residents $180 Non-residents $225


CERAMIC PAINTING                                                                              AGES 4-12

Kids choose 2 of their favorite plaster designs to paint and take home. Min-8; Max-40

Instructor: Paint N Plaster

DAYS: WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY                                                                    TIME: 2:00pm-3:30pm, ongoing          

ACTIVITY: 213052

Dates: A1-March 20

Cost: Residents $10 Non-residents $12.50


STARLAB                                                                                                    AGES 6-12

The Children’s Science Explorium will set up an inflatable planetarium. Gaze the galaxy and learn about constellations. Min-5; Max-20

Instructor: Children's Science Explorium Staff

DAYS: FRIDAY                                                                    TIME: 2:00pm-3:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213839

Dates: A1-March 22

Cost: Residents $10 Non-residents $12.50