FUN & FITNESS                                                                                                       AGES 5-11

Come have nonstop fun with sport games, hip hop dance, gymnastics, arts and crafts, theater games, and more!  Bring a lunch, beverage, and snack.  Please wear sneakers for safety. Min-10; Max-25

Instructor: Joy Deco and Staff

DAYS:  VARIES                                                                                             TIME: 8:30am-5:30pm           

ACTIVITY: 113426

Dates:     B1- December 24

                 B2- December 26

                 B3- January 3

                 B4- January 4

                 B5- All 4 dates

Cost:     Per 1 day (B1-B4) Residents $65 Non-residents $81.25

               Per 4 days (B5) Residents $180 Non-residents $225


KIDNASTICS                                                                                                       AGES 5-11

Let’s get moving! Participants enjoy morning aerobics, relay activities, an obstacle course, outside activities, tumbling, and more! Bing a lunch, beverage, and snack. Please wear sneakers for safety. Min-10; Max-25

Instructor: Joy Deco and Staff

DAYS:  FRIDAYS                                                                                             TIME: 8:30am-1:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113426

Dates:     C1- December 28

Cost:     Residents $45 Non-residents $56.25



All good engineers know coding is the language of computers. Using state of the art hardware and software, students will design, create, and code to communicate with their computers to program their own animations. Each day has a different focus, and together with access tools like special sets of Lego bricks, 3D printers, and laptop computers, kids will learn all the individual skills of being an Engineer! Min-6; Max 15

Instructor: Bright & Smart Staff

DAYS:  VARIES                                                                                             TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113413

Dates:     A2- December 24

                A3- December 26

                A4- January 2

Cost:     Per 1 session Residents $75 Non-residents $93.75


DRAMA KIDS                                                                                                       AGES 6-13

Get into the act this holiday break! Participate in fun activities that help you think more creatively and learn new acting and confidence-building skills. You’ll be part of silent scenes, improvisations, mini-scripts, snippets, theater games and more…Don’t miss out! Min-12; Max-30

Instructor: Monique Young

DAYS:  WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY                                                                                             TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113429

Dates:  A1- December 26-28

Cost:    Per 3 days Residents $180 Non-residents $225


OOEY GOOEY MAD SCIENCE SLIME DAY                                                              AGES 6-11

From slime to putty, children will investigate sticky science with fellow junior Mad Scientists. They’ll combine polymers, study matter, and test formulas to find the best sticky substance and have them compete in the Polymer Olympics. Best of all…all the slime and putty they make is theirs to keep! Min-12; Max-20

Instructor: Mad Science Staff

DAYS:  THURSDAYS                                                                                             TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113411

Dates:  B1- December 27

Cost:    Residents $80 Non-residents $100


ZAP! ELECTRICITY DAY                                                                                                   AGES 6-11

Explore the world of electricity from the simplistic to the complex with hands-on experiments sure to “electrify” any junior scientist. Play with static electricity, explore a tesla coil with your Mad Scientist and complete simple and complex circuits and much more! Min-12; Max-20

Instructor: Mad Science Staff

DAYS:  FRIDAYS                                                                                             TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113411

Dates:  B2- December 28

Cost:    Residents $80 Non-residents $100


CURTAIN CALL: 4 DAYS OF THEATRE FUN!                                                     AGES 6-15

Why wait for summer? Four days jam packed with skits, theatre games, make up, acting, music, and more! Bring your own make up supplies, lunch & snack. Min-15; Max-25

Instructor: Curtain Call Playhouse Staff

DAYS:  MONDAY, WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY                                                                                             TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113425

Dates:  A1- December 31, January 2-4

Cost:    Per 4 days Residents $250 Non-residents $312.50

NO CLASS:    January 1