Winter Break Programs

Winter Break Camps


Ages 5-11

The game master will lead children through activities that may include music, hula hoops, group games, obstacle course with balls, bean bags, and coordination equipment. Program will be designed for age-appropriate material in the class. Promotes social skills, coordination, and teamwork. Materials Fee $10 (t-shirt: minimum 1 t-shirt purchase; program t-shirt required each day). Please wear sneakers for safety. Please bring a lunch, snacks, and beverage.

INSTRUCTOR:        Joy Deco Enterprises Staff

ACTIVITY:                113426

DAY:                         Varies

TIME:                        8:30am-5:30pm

DATES:                    C8,        January 2

                                  C9,        January 3

COST:                      per 1 day: $70 Resident, $87.50 Non-resident


Ages 6-10

Participants learn to pay attention to detail, estimate, collaborate, be team players, communicate, empathize, and learn from failure by designing, creating, building, and programming an array of robots using a curriculum developed primarily for them. Teamwork and passion will be necessary to complete this mission. We work in small groups of up to 10 children per class. To achieve the objectives of the program, students are grouped in teams of 2 according to their abilities, skills, and/or age. Please bring a lunch, snack, and a beverage. 

INSTRUCTOR:      Bright & Smart Staff

ACTIVITY:             113413

DAYS:                     Monday, Tuesday

TIME:                      8:30am-3:00pm

DATES:                  G5,     January 3              

COST:                    per 1 day: $120 Resident, $150 Non-resident