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Ages 25+

Senses of cinema offers an alternative to Hollywood fare with a program of subtitled, international award-winning foreign language films in 4 or 5 week themed films. Film expert Shelly Isaacs introduces each film and, following the screening, provides a detailed commentary, inviting the audience to participate with questions and comments. Minimum=10, Maximum=45

INSTRUCTOR: Shelly Isaacs

ACTIVITY: 113229

DAYS: Wednesday

TIME: 10:00am-12:45pm


Session 1:   A6   September 22-October 20

         Individual dates:   A1  September; A2 September 29; A3 October 6; A4 October 13; A5 October 20

Session 2:   B6   October 27-November 24

          Individual dates:   B1 October 27; B2 November 3; B3 November 10; B4 November 17;

B5 November 24

Session 3:   C5    December 1-December 22

          Individual dates:   C1 December 1; C2 December 8; C3 December 15; C4 December 22

COST per 1 individual date: $12 Resident, $15 Non-resident

           per 5-week session (A6 & B6): $50 Resident, $62.50 Non-resident

           per 4-week session (C5): $40 Resident, $50 Non-resident

Session 1 Theme: She's All That...And More!

Women make cinema beautiful, rebellious, romantic, intelligent, inspirational, forceful, misunderstood...and these movies all share a common thread - what life is like living as a woman. They're all radically different, but their stories all depict strong women who are the architects of their own destinies. 

blissSept. 22 Bliss - Turkey - 2007

Bliss in an unconventional road trip movie in which the executioner of an honor killing and his victim go on a journey of self discovery.

margueriteSept. 29 Marguerite - France - 2015

Marguerite Dumont is a wealthy woman in 1920's Paris. She has a terrible voice, but lives in a fantasy where she sings opera. The problem begins when she wants to perform for a real audience.

two livesOct. 6 Two Lives - Germany - 2012

As the Berlin Wall crumbles, Katrine, the daughter of a Norwegian woman and a German occupation soldier, finds her idyllic life disrupted as she refuses to testify at a trial against the Norwegian state on behalf of her fellow "war children."

twin sistersOct. 13 Twin Sisters - Netherlands -2002

Sisters Lotte and Anna are torn apart in 1920s Germany.  The story follows their lives as they try to reconcile their differences while World War II impacts them. Finally in old age they meet again, with the hope that the differences in their youth can finally be reconciled.

parchedOct. 20 Parched - India - 2015

An award-winning  bittersweet tale of three ordinary women who begin to question the traditions that have kept them locked in servitude. One fateful night they come together and take a bold step that will change the trajectory of their lives.

Session 2 Theme:   Eastern Exposure: The Cinema of Asia

Film, since its advent in the 19th century, has played a predominant role in Asian societies, as entertainment, as social criticism, and as propaganda. This session we turn a lens on Japan, China and India, with stories of drama, humor, intimacy and romantic, all revealing not just of their cultures, but universal truths as well.


Oct. 27   Shadow Magic - China - 2000

Based on a true story, evocative of the dawn of cinema in China, Shadow Magic reveals itself with much charm, humor and subtletly. Set in the Peking of 1902, the film reflects a transitional time for a tradition-bound culture through stunning cinematography and great historical detail.


Nov. 3   The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice - Japan - 1952

A capricious wife from Tokyo high society has become bored by her dull husband, a quiet and reliable company executive raised in the country. When a crisis ensues, she is forced to re-evaluate their relationship.


Nov. 10   Monsoon Wedding - India - 2001

A story set in the modern upper-middle class of India, where telecommunications and a western lifestyle mix with old traditions, like the arranged wedding about to take place. The four-day arrangements and celebrations will see clumsy organization, family parties and drama, dangers to the happy end of the wedding, lots of music and even a new romance.


Nov. 17   AMAL - India - 2007

An emotionally evocative story about an auto-rickshaw driver in New Delhi who is seemingly content with his small, but vital role in life. Encountering an eccentric billionaire searching the streets for the last morsel of humanity, Amal's life may change forever.


Nov 24   Shall We Dance - Japan - 1996

A middle-aged man in Tokyo has achieved all he's dreamed of but still feels unfulfilled despite having a successful job, loving wife and adolescent daughter. One day, while gazing out from the commuter train window, he sees something that might change his outlook.


Ages 18+

This program is a thorough, multilevel class where the actor, through intensive training, works to apply the AYFT (At Your Fingertips) concept into the performance to create an open, realistic character. We work on being prepared and having your tools ready, or at your fingertips. Promotes public speaking, quick thinking, and emotional intelligence. Minimum=6, Maximum=12

INTSRUCTOR: David Tully, Tully Teaches

ACTIVITY: 113228

DAY: Wednesday

TIME: 4:30pm-6:00pm

DATES:   A2          November 10-December 15 (no class November 24)

COST per 5-week session: $150 Resident, $187.50 Non-resident