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2017 Adult Classes

Senses of Cinema-Films for Thought  Series  Ages 18 and up

Join Shelly Isaacs, founder and host of Café Cinematheque for screenings of classic and contemporary award winning films. Each session features screenings of classic and contemporary award winning films. Following each selection, discussions are accompanied by a Q&A. Min-15; Max-25

Instructor: Shelly Isaacs

DAYS: Wednesdays  TIME: 10am-12:45pm

Activity: 213229

Register for all 5 weeks per session or individual weeks per session

Session 2- Full 5 weeks:           B6- Feb 22- Mar 29

                  Individual weeks:     B1- Feb 22        B2- Mar 1         B3- Mar 8        B4- Mar 15         B5- Mar 29

Session 3- Full 5 weeks:           C6- Apr 5- May 3

                  Individual weeks:     C- Apr 5             C2- Apr 12        C3- Apr 19       C4- Apr 26         C5- May3

Cost: Per 1 week Resident $12 Non-resident $15;

          Per 5 week session Resident $50 Non-resident $62.50

No Class 3/22


Creative Art For Adults                                                         Ages 18 and Up

Come learn how to work with different types of materials including pencils, watercolor pencils, markers and collage materials. Each session will allow participants to create their own original artwork. Various examples of famous artist artwork will be shown for inspiration. Min- 6; Max- 20

Instructor: Barbara Freiberg

Days: Thursdays                                       Time: 5PM- 7PM

Activity: 213223

Individual weeks:       A3- Mar 16                 A4- Apr 20

Cost:         Per 1 week Resident $28 Non-resident $35    

Life Story Writing Workshops                            Ages 18 and Up

Have you ever wanted to preserve your personal or family history, but didn't know where to start? These workshops offer tips on preserving family history, methods for getting started, prompts for writing, support and feedback, as well as suggestions for binding and printing. Each week covers a different aspect. Participants will receive a packet that they can take home to help them get started. Min- 4; Max- 25

Instructor: Rachel Panton

Days: Mondays                           Time: 3:30PM-5PM

Activity: 213225

Register for all 3 weeks or individual weeks

Full 3 weeks:                      A1- Feb 6- Feb 27

Individual weeks:                A3- Feb 27

Cost:         Per 1 week Resident $15 Non-resident $18.75

                  Per 3 week Resident $45 Non-resident $56.25


Humor Me                                                               Ages 19 and Up

Ready for some comic relief? Bring your funniest childhood memories and your sense of silly to this hands-on workshop. Find out how to have more fun with your writing. From exaggerations to misunderstandings & quirky characters, learn more about the children's market...and the titles that sell. Min- 5; Max-15

Instructor: Gloria Rothstein

Days: Tuesdays                           Time: 7PM-9PM

Activity: 213215

Register for all 5 weeks or individual weeks

Full 5 weeks:                        C6- Feb 28- Apr 4

Individual weeks:                  C1- Feb 28              C2- Mar 7             C3- Mar 14             C4- Mar 28             C5- Apr 4  

Cost:       Per 1 week Resident $25 Non- resident $30

                Per  5 week Resident $115 Non- resident $143.75