Frequently Asked Questions

The grassy area between the Community Center and the Field House (in front of pavilion 2 and 3 and next to the basketball courts) is subject to closure for small amounts of time for Community Center programming.***

Do you have a question and can't find an answer? Hopefully, the following Q&A will help you out! To submit a question, you can also use our feedback form. Please keep in mind, these questions are intended to cover topics related to Sugar Sand Park Community Center and Field House!


Daily amenities include Children’s Science Explorium, Science Garden, nature trails, full sized carousel, 3-story all inclusive science playground; as well a community center, field house (indoor gym), Willow Theatre, roller hockey rink, outdoor basketball courts & picnicking (view map).  Please call ahead or check the website or Facebook page for daily updates. Occasionally, certain areas are closed for maintenance or other reasons – the number is 561-347-3900 for the Community Center and 561-347-3950 for the Field House.

Entrance to the park is free. The carousel costs $1 per person, per ride, and the Science Explorium has a suggested $5 per person donation.

Open play in the Field House is $2 for City of Boca Raton and Great Boca Raton Beach & Park District residents. There is a $5 fee for non-residents.

Classes, special events, pavilion rentals and leagues all have costs associated with them.

Please visit our webpage (Classes and Programs) for the most up to date information on adult and children’s classes in the community center; for science classes, visit Science Explorium Programs for details.

Check Athletics for information about sports classes and programs.

The City’s Recreation Services puts out the Recreator three times per year. It is available online only. Visit City recreation facilities and websites for additional flyers and information.

Sugar Sand Park Community Center (including Children’s Science Explorium) classes have three general registration dates – December 1 for January-May programs; May 1 for June-September programs (not including summer specialty programs and camps); August 1 for October-December programs. Summer specialty program & camp registration generally begins around Palm Beach County spring break.

  • You can register in person or online if you have previously set up a household with us, using the online recreation software. Call the community center to request your username and password for the system. We do not take registrations over the phone. However, you are able to purchase tickets to the Willow Theatre over the phone.
  • To register for C.O.B.R.A. programs in person, please go to the Field House at Sugar Sand Park.  Many of these athletic programs are available through the online WebTrac program.
  • For sports groups (such as Boca Hoops, Boca Raton Little League, or SABR soccer) you must visit the group’s own website. While Sugar Sand Park may be a registration location or where the leagues hold games and practices, City staff is not involved in the registration of these leagues or able to give you the most accurate information about them.

This is a resident based community park. There are resident and non-resident rates for most activities and rentals. Residency is defined within the City of Boca Raton and Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District.  If you are not sure, it’s best to contact our main number and you will be directed to someone who can help you (561-347-3900).

  • (View Residency Map). To receive resident rates, you must come in person. For the rules and to view pavilion availability, check here.
  • For the Children’s Science Explorium field trips, group outings, or for a group visit to the playground your school/group must be resident (View Residency Map).
  • To purchase tickets to a Willow Theatre show or Community Center special event, there are no residency requirements.
  • To register for classes, non-residents are assessed an additional fee (25%) on their registration. Register in person or online using WebTrac (
  • Non-profit or for-profit groups must meet residency requirements. For full requirements, visit our Room Booking Information page.
  • To produce a show as part of the Willow Theatre Season, please contact our Booking Coordinator to discuss specifics and get an application – 561-347-3902. Theater renters must meet residency requirements; for information on theater rentals, visit our Rental Information page.
  • Interior spaces are not rented for personal use (like a family party), fundraisers, private events, or private classes.
  • The Field House can be rented by residents, schedule permitting, on the Field House page.

The Children’s Science Explorium is  a hands-on science museum with experiment stations about the physical sciences. It hosts 2 traveling exhibits per year (fall, spring). It is for children 5-12 and their caregivers. Please visit their webpage for more details, and the exciting classes and programs they offer.

During the summer, the building’s available space is devoted to children’s specialty programs and science camp. This leaves one room available for our in-house science exhibits during the summer.

The Willow Theatre has a variety of productions, including dramas, musicals, variety acts, dancing, music and family (kid-friendly) shows. To purchase tickets, visit the Willow Theatre’s website. Shows have are rated (G, PG, PG-13 or R) and information about each show is also listed on the Willow Theatre webpage.

The Willow Theatre contracts with production companies who do their own casting calls. We are not a production company, so we are not involved with actors/performers for specific shows.

Sugar Sand Park has many volunteer opportunities for those 14 and over. Volunteer Information will link you to each website, with information about volunteer opportunities and how-to-apply for Willow Theatre, Children’s Science Explorium and Special Events.  For Athletics volunteering, contact 561-347-3950. All volunteers are subject to background screening through the City’s Human Resources department (

Please see our Art Exhibit page which has the application link at the bottom of the page.

  • To become a special event sponsor/partner at the Community Center, please contact our Marketing Coordinator at 561-347-3909.
  • To make a financial gift to the Community Center, please contact staff at 561-347-3907.
  • Children’s Science Explorium donations ($5 per person) are accepted at the Explorium front desk; to donate an item or an exhibit, contact the Science Center Curator at 561-347-3906.
  • To sponsor an athletic event or team, contact the Field House at 561-347-3950.

There is a vending machine with snacks and drinks (credit cards accepted) inside the community center. There is a frozen sweets food truck by the playground on weekends/holidays. There are many restaurant options within two miles of the park. There is no hot food/coffee served and the park does not allow alcohol by City ordinance.

Dogs (and other pets) are not allowed in the park by City Ordinance (11-66). Service animals are welcome (therapy/emotional support pets are NOT considered service animals by the ADA). Please see information on Mizner Bark, the City of Boca Raton dog park.

Credit/debit cards are accepted for all purchases, including carousel tokens, theater tickets, registrations, and vending machines. We recommend cash for events, as cash is always faster.

Please note that it is against City ordinance to use the grounds for teaching any type of class without a contract with the City. If you are interested in teaching a class, you must submit a formal application with our booking coordinator (applications are available from our front desk, or call 561-347-3902). If you want to coach or get involved with Athletics, please call the Field House at 561-347-3950.

If we cancel a show, class or program, refunds are given. If you do not come to a class, program, show, miss a class or skip your pavilion reservation date, fees are not refunded. 

While we are a park, we are not an animal rescue facility. Our staff cannot accept animals. For injured sea turtles, please contact Gumbo Limbo Nature Center – or 561-544-8605. For other wildlife, contact the South Florida Wildlife Center in Ft. Lauderdale (954-524-3402).

  • For a serious problem (fire, in progress theft, medical emergency) please call 911.
  • For a park problem (such as leaking pipes, broken playground equipment, missing sprinkler heads, trail blockage) contact Park Maintenance staff at 561-394-3730.
  • For a serious (non-emergency) problem like vandalism, graffiti, or another non-urgent matter, contact the Park Ranger Headquarters (561-393-7815) or the City of Boca Raton Police Department (561-368-6201).
  • For a comment on customer service, or an indoor facility at this park, or you have a general comment about Sugar Sand Park, please use our feedback form.
  • If you have comments or questions about another facility, please contact Recreation Services Administration at 561-393-7810.

No, in spite of our name, Sugar Sand Park is NOT located at the beach. The City beaches are about 5 miles east of our location.

The park is part of the City of Boca Raton; please visit the City’s Human Resources page for information about working here, including instructions on how to apply and current job openings.

While we are part of the same department, the Community Center staff can help you with many general questions but Golf, Tennis and Aquatics are all different parts of our department, so to get the best answer, or to register for their programs, you should inquire at the specific facilities. For more complete information, visit