Camps and Days Off

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Great Escape Days 

Got a day from school? Don’t stay home! Come join the Explorium staff for the fun side of science – experiments, outdoor fun, and something to take home! Bring a lunch. Pre-registration is required.

Ages: 6 - 12


$30- Resident

$37.50- Non-resident

Date & Time:

Time: 10am-2pm


113487 W1 Tues, Nov 22

213820 A1 Mon, Jan 16

Winter Break Blast 

Spend part of your winter break with the Children’s Science Explorium! We have days filled with activities, experiments, games, and more.

Grades: 1-5


$147.50/week, $30/day - Resident

$184.50/week, $37.50/day - Non-resident

Date & Time:

Time: 9am-1pm


113851 W6 Week Rate

113851 W1 Mon, Dec 26

113851 W2 Tue, Dec 27

113851 W3 Wed, Dec 28

113851 W4 Thur, Dec 29

113851 W5 Fri, Dec 30

*Registration for Fall 2022 programming begins Monday August 8th*

Click here to learn about online registration.

**Registration cannot be completed using a cell phone. You must use a computer, laptop, or tablet**

Two boys show off a science creation