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It’s time to register for Science Summer Camp! Please note that the WebTrac registration software has been updated. Please log into your account ahead of time to ensure that your household information (including birthdates and current grade levels) is correct. Please call 561-347-3900 if updates are required, or if you are having difficulty with your account.

Summer Science Camp

Science Camp offers your child an exciting and fun opportunity to explore the world around us. Campers entering 1st through 5th grade will experience a different science theme, consisting of three activities, each day. We will engage in tons of exciting experiments that will be sure to entice the curious mind of your budding scientist. All camps are hands-on and emphasize active learning and fun. Due to the popularity of the program and limited number of spaces, each child will only be permitted to attend one session of camp per summer.

1-2 Science Camp                                                   3-5 Science Camp

Monday – Chemistry                                              Monday – Chemistry

pH Painting                                                              Dry Ice

Super Suds                                                               pH Painting

Dirty Pennies and Rusty Steel                            Dirty Pennies and Rusty Steel


Tuesday – Space                                                     Tuesday – Space

Planet Night Lights                                               Constellation Bears

Fizzing Moon Paint                                                Lunar Rovers 

Spinning Solar System                                          Spinning Solar System


Wednesday – Grossology                                    Wednesday – Engineering

Spit Study                                                                 Engineer an Exoskeleton

Plaque                                                                        Solar Ovens (involves food)

Let’s Eat Dirt (involves food)                                 Scribble Robots


Thursday – Biology                                                Thursday – Biology

Life Cycles                                                                Frog Tongues

Frog Tongues                                                          Grass Hair Heads

Fascinating Flowers (involves food)                  Mason Bee House


Friday – Engineering                                             Friday – Grossology  

Engineer an Exoskeleton                                     Saliva Study

Solar Ovens (involves food)                                  Let’s Eat Dirt (involves food)

Explorium & Eating ice pops                               Explorium & Eating ice pops

*Kindergarten Camp Water, Water Everywhere is the theme for rising kindergarteners. They will discover the wonders of water in our bodies, in the ground, in the air and more, as they are introduced to science as a fun and exciting method of discovery. Our program focuses on learning basics and classroom skills to help prepare your child for the year ahead.

Science Camp Open House

After you register, mark your calendar for Science Camp Open House on June 15. At the open house, your campers will pick up their camp uniform and meet their camp counselors. Come anytime between 10am and 12 noon.

This also gives you an opportunity to learn about the camp program, ask questions and make sure that your camper is ready to go on their first day.

Open House is not required, but highly recommended.


$165 Week - Resident

$206.25 Week - Non-resident

Date & Time:

Time: 9am-1pm


311011 A1, June 17-21 Entering Grades 1 – 2

311011 A2, June 24-28 Entering Grades 1 – 2

311011 A4, July 8-12 Entering Grades 1 – 2

311011 A5, July 15-19 Entering Grades 3 – 5 (Limited Availability)

311011 A6, July 22-26 Entering Grades 3 – 5 (FULL)

311011 A7, July 29-August 2 Entering Grades 3 – 5

311011 A8, August 5-9 Entering Kindergarten*

Click here to learn about online registration.


Two boys show off a science creation