Children and Teen Programs

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Explorium Programs
Click here to learn more about the science program offered at the Children's Science Explorium at Sugar Sand Park.

                                         Children's Programs





Meet us by the playground for a craft and learn about upcoming programs. No registration required.

TIME: 11:00am-12:30pm

Dates:          November 6                     December 8                     January 2

Cost: FREE


TOT TIME                                                                                                       AGES 1-4

Indoor playroom includes toys, bubbles, costumes, books, crafts and snacks--juice & pretzels/cookies, plus coffee & tea for the adults. No registration required; drop in any time during the program. Adult supervision is required.      



TIME: 10:00am-12:00pm

Individual weeks:          November 9     December 21

Cost: Per child $5 (payable at the door)


MUSIC TOGETHER                                 AGES 0-5 yrs

This is the essential Music Together class; we welcome children from a variety of age groups to foster family-style learning. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, and exploring musical instruments. Any caregivers - parents, grandparents, nanny - can bring the children. The whole family is welcome for this important family music experience. Materials Fee $50, due to instructor at the first class. Min-6; Max-12

INSTRUCTOR: Missy Smith and Laurie Luczak


ACTIVITY: 113017

Dates: Session A- August 29- December 19

TIME:        A1-9:30am-10:15am


NO CLASS:    October 24     October 31    November 21



Dates: Session B- August 30- December 20

Time:      B2-10:30am-11:15am

NO CLASS:    October 25    November 1    November 22

Cost:    Per 10-week session        Residents $175; 2nd child $131.25

                                                            Non-residents $218.75; 2nd child $164.06


SOCCER SHOTS                                        AGES 2-5

Soccer Shots is an indoor intro to soccer program that focuses on teaching children skills in a non-competitive environment that builds on skills week to week. A character word of the week is implemented within each session. Parent/caregiver participation is required for ages 2 - 3.5. Materials fee of $20 payable to instructor. Min-5; Max-10 (for ages 2 - 3.5) & Max-14 (for ages 3.5 - 5).

INSTRUCTOR: Daniel Villegas & Staff


ACTIVITY: 113010

Dates: November 3- December 22

Time:   A1-Ages 2-3.5              9:30-10:00am

             A2-Ages 2-3.5              10:00-10:30am

             A3-Ages 3.5-5             10:30-11:15am

Cost:    Per 6 weeks Residents $90 Non-residents $112.50

NO CLASS:    November 24     December 15


LIL' SLUGGERS BASEBALL                                   AGES 2-5

This indoor program is designed to introduce children to the game of baseball. Lil Sluggers teaches the proper way to throw, catch, hit and run in a fun environment. The low ratio of children to instructors offers better lessons and better value. Parent/caregiver participation is required for ages 2 & 3. Min-5; Max-6

Instructor:  Rich Goodridge & Staff


ACTIVITY: 113003

Dates: November 3- December 22

Time:   A1-Ages 4-5                   8:15am-9:00am

             A2-Ages 2                       9:15am-10:00am

             A3-Ages 3                    10:15am-11:00am

             A4-Ages 3.5-4             11:15am-12:00pm

Cost:    Per 7 weeks Residents $126   Non-residents $157.50

NO CLASS:       December 15

FIRST FRIDAYS PRESCHOOL PROGRAM                                 AGES 3-5 yrs

Join us on the first monthly Friday with your pre-schooler for a collaborative program between various City of Boca Raton facilities.  All 30-40 minute programs will take place at Sugar Sand Park Community Center and include hands-on activities and information. Pre-registration required. Min 5; Max 20


ACTIVITY: 113004

TIME: 10:00am-10:30am


B1-Nov 2 –My First Community Helper – Police Officer

Meet an officer from our Police Department, learn about safety, and tour a police vehicle with an officer.

Presented by Police Services.

C1-Dec 7My First Community Helper - Fire Rescue

                Learn all about fire, safety, and tour a fire truck.

                Presented by Fire Rescue Services.

Cost:    Free



PROJECT FASHION AND SEWING                                                          AGES 8-16 yrs

This class is perfect for young fashionistas who want to learn to design and sew their own clothing. The class will start by exploring the basics of sewing while learning to make a simple garment or accessory (choices will be given). Students will start by sketching 2-3 pieces they’ll like to make over the 6-week program. They will learn the fundamentals of sewing to help explore their creativity. The following weeks, students will choose their fabrics and start working on designing and creating their individual pieces. Min-3; Max-9

Instructor:  Clara Lopez-Castro

DAYS:   THURSDAYS                                                                            TIME: 5:00pm-6:30pm

ACTIVITY: 113028

Dates:      A2-November 1- December 13

Cost:    Per 6 week session Residents $160 Non-residents $200

NO CLASS:    November 22



Homeschool students will spend 60 minutes actively building and programming a robot, investigating, writing, and communicating their findings. The subject areas addressed are: Science, Technology, Engineering, Science, and Language Arts. Min-3; Max-12

Instructor:  Bright & Smart Staff

DAYS:   MONDAYS                                                                           

ACTIVITY: 113413

Dates:     D-Nov 12


TIMES:   D1,       Ages 10-12                 1:00pm- 2:00pm

                D2       Ages 7-9                      2:00pm- 3:00pm

Cost:     Per 1 day (B, C, D) Residents $15 Non-residents $18.75

              Per 3 days (E) Residents $45 Non-residents $56.25



ONCE UPON A HAPPILY EVER AFTER                                             AGES 9-12 yrs


So, you want to be a writer. Where do you begin? And what about the happily ever after? Bring your imagination and your most colorful pens to this hands-on workshop. Have fun getting ideas, creating characters, and finding new stories to tell. (A great way for kids to boost creative writing skills and/or fulfill some of the requirements for the Girl Scout “Scribe” badge.) Min-5; Max-15

Instructor:  Gloria Rothstein

DAYS:   MONDAYS                                                                            TIME: 4:00pm-5:30pm

ACTIVITY: 113204

Dates:   A1-November 5

Cost:    Residents $27 Non-residents $33.75


NEW! BRIGHT & SMART ROBOTICS                                             AGES 7-14 yrs

Coding is all fine and good, but the real fun comes when you can put your code into action! Using a special edition of Lego bricks and a curriculum developed especially for them, students will learn to design, create, build, and program. Teamwork and passion will be necessary to complete this mission. Materials Fee $15, due to instructor at the first class. Min-6; Max-15

Instructor:  Bright & Smart Staff

DAYS:   THURSDAYS                                                                            TIME: 5:30pm-6:30pm

ACTIVITY: 113413

Dates:   A1-November 8- December 20

Cost:    Per 6 week session Residents $120 Non-residents $150

NO CLASS:   November 22


ONCE UPON A HAPPILY EVER AFTER                                             AGES 10-15 yrs


Love writing stories? Need some fun ideas? Bring your imagination and your favorite pens/pencils to this hands-on workshop. Spend the afternoon playing with words, thinking in pictures, and finding new tales to tell. Min-5; Max-15

Instructor:  Gloria Rothstein

DAYS:   MONDAYS                                                                            TIME: 1:00pm-2:30pm

ACTIVITY: 113204

Dates:   A2-December 3

Cost:    Residents $27 Non-residents $33.75