KIDZART                                                                                                   AGES 5-12

Join us for Spring Break Workshop at Sugar Sand Park! Students will learn to draw, paint and create using a multitude of artistic mediums and surfaces! At KidzArt camp, each hour is different! Bring a lunch, drinks, and snacks. Min-6; Max-20

Instructor: Kidzart PBC staff

DAYS: MONDAY                            TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213013

Date: C1-March 19

Cost: Resident $70 Non-resident $87.50


FUN & FITNESS                                                                 AGES 5-12

This versatile program for girls & boys is all about FUN! Activities may include team games, hip-hop, gymnastics, sports, drama, and arts & crafts. Participants will also visit and use other park amenities such as the Science Explorium. Bring a lunch, drinks, and snacks. Please wear sneakers for safety. Min-10; Max-25

INSTRUCTOR: Joy Deco & Staff

DAYS: TUESDAY & THURSDAY                                                        TIME: 8:30am-5:30pm

ACTIVITY: 213426

Date: A1-March 20

          A2-March 22  

Cost: Per 1 day Resident $60 Non-resident $75

DIGITAL ARTS WORKSHOP                                                                       AGES 8-17

This course teaches the avid artist to use their imaginations and allow them to become reality. The methods used include learning the fundamentals of drawing utilizing a variety of artist tools such as Photoshop, sketch pad and paper, as well as acrylic paint. Students will learn various sculpting techniques and gain a deeper understanding of character design. Bring a lunch, drinks, and snacks. Min-10; Max-15

Instructor: Cedrick Dawson

DAYS: TUESDAY                                                      TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213101

Dates: B1-March 20

Cost: Resident $75 Non-Resident $93.75



Discover the magic and mysteries behind Minecraft by coding some mods. Then, using a computer, design a simple mod to be 3D printed you can take home! Bring a lunch, drinks, and snacks. Min-6; Max-12

INSTRUCTOR: Bright & Smart Staff

DAYS: WEDNESDAY                                                        TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213413

Date: B1-March 21

Cost: Resident $80 Non-resident $100


FUN CHEFS ACADEMY OF COOKING                                          AGES 10-14

This workshop will be a take-off on the famous cooking show competition! Participants will break up into teams and cook from their mystery baskets. The team with the best recipe will win the challenge! Participants my bring a snack or substitute lunch if they wish. Bring snacks and drinks. Min-12; Max-20

Instructor: Fun Chefs & Staff 

DAYS: THURSDAY                                                    TIME: 8:30am-1:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 213414

Dates: B1-March 22

Cost: Resident $65 Non-resident $81.25