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Ages 25+

Senses of Cinema offers an alternative to Hollywood fare with a program of subtitled, international award-winning foreign language films in 4 or 5 week themed formats. Film expert Shelly Isaacs introduces each film and, following the screening, provides a detailed commentary, inviting the audience to participate with questions and comments.

INSTRUCTOR:           Shelly Isaacs, Cafe Cinematheque

ACTIVITY:                   313229

DAYS:                         Wednesdays

TIMES:                        4pm-6:45pm


Session 2:   Entire Session:           B6,      July 27 - August 31 (no class 8/24)

                      Individual Classes:     B1, July 27;     B2, August 3;     B3, August 10;

                                                              B4, August 17;     B5, August 31

Session 3:    Entire Session:            C5,     September 7-September 28

                       Individual Classes:      C1, September 7;   C2, September 14;     

                       C3, September 21;    C4 September 28  Registration begins 8/8 Residents,

                     8/15 Non-residents

COST:           per 1-week session: $12 Resident, $15 Non-resident

                       per 5-week session (B): $50 Resident, $62.50 Non-resident

                       per 4-week session (C): $40 Resident, $50 Non-resident



JULY 27       PHOENIX (GERMANY, 2014)

Nelly Lenz, a Jewish singer, has survived the Nazi concentration camps but at what cost? Disfigured, she undergoes plastic surgery to restore her original face. Returning to what is left of Berlin, she seeks out her musician husband Johnny in the ruins of the city. When she finds him, what she discovers is nothing she imagined.


AUGUST 3     AMAL (INDIA, 2007)

Autorickshaw driver Amal is content with the small, but vital, role he serves - driving customers around New Delhi as quickly and and safely as possible. But his sense of duty is tested by an eccentric, aging billionaire, who , moved by Amal's humility, bequeaths him his entire estate before passing a way. But time, and several people with other plans stand in his way.



In a small Sicilian village, Lucia, a little girl of eleven whose parents emigrate to France, at the end of the 60s', entrusts her to her grandmother Maria, a strict woman unable to express her feelings. In this hostile environment, little Lucia pays a very high price, but her grandmother, who she hates, will teach her to fight and to grow with dignity, strength, and optimism.



A haunting tale of love and reconciliation begins in a small town in Germany in the immediate aftermath of World War I when a young woman, mourning the death of her fiance, encounters a mysterious Frenchman laying flowers on her beloved's grave.



As Ann Walberg, a celebrity in the creation of world-famous perfumes knows, it takes a combination of sensitivity and chemistry to create the perfect scent. But when Guillaume, a chauffeur in need of work and desperate to retain custody of his daughter enters her life, where it all lead could change the odds.


*Films are subject to change without notice.