Early Education & Youth Programs

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Explorium Programs
Click here to learn more about the science program offered at the Children's Science Explorium at Sugar Sand Park.

Toddlers and Preschoolers


Ages 18 months-2.5 yrs

Introduce your little one to a discover-based program designed to engage toddlers in structured physical activity tailored to their development needs. Each week the class encompasses one sports lesson along with a balanced combination of structured physical challenges and organized discover-based sports lessons. Significant emphasis is placed on motor-development with weekly activities designed to develop the vestibular system and locomotor skills. Materials Fee $20 (t-shirt). Promotes hand-eye coordination, agility, gross and fine motor skills.

INSTRUCTOR:       Amazing Athletes Staff

ACTIVITY:               213005

DAYS:                      Tuesday

DATES:                   A*,    February 6-March 12

*Class will be outside at the Family Pavilion 2/20, 3/5, & 3/12)

                                  C**,    April 2-May 28

**Class will be outside at the Family Pavilion 4/16 & 5/21


A1, C1                        8:45am-9:10am

A2, C2                       9:15am-9:40am

COST:                      per 6-week session (A): Resident $108, Non-resident $135

                                  per 9-week session (C): Resident $162, Non-resident $202.50


Ages 2.5-6 yrs

Amazing Athletes provides a year-round, progressive curriculum that introduces young children to 10 different ball sports (Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Hockey, and Baseball, Track) and4 helps them master 7 key areas of motor-development (Balancing, Running, Jumping, Catching, Throwing, Kicking, and Target Rolling). The activities designed to improve the young-child’s hand-eye coordination, muscle tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. At Amazing Athletes, we lay the groundwork for staying active by getting kids introduced to sports in a fun, non-competitive environment. Our trained coaches work with each child at their own progression in a learning-based environment. We also promote a healthy lifestyle by integrating nutrition through a weekly "power food" identifying its main value. Materials Fee $20 (t-shirt).

INSTRUCTOR:         Amazing Athletes Staff

ACTIVITY:                213005

DAY:                         Monday

DATES:                     B*,   February 5-March 11 (no class 2/19)

*Class will be outside at the Family Pavilion 3/4 & 3/11)

                                 D,   Apri l 1-May 20


B1, D1                      3:30pm-4:05pm 

B2, D2                      4:15pm-4:50pm

COST:                       per 5-week session (B): Resident $90, Non-resident $112.50

                                  per 8-week session: Resident $144, Non-resident $180


Ages 2-4 yrs

Children make discoveries by building and designing their exceptional creations using Knex. Working in teams of two (parent & child), participants incorporate science and technology concepts to solve weekly engaging challenges. Parent/caregiver participation is required.  Promotes attention to detail, building, and creativity. Materials Fee $16 (craft supplies) payable to the instructor at the first class.

INSTRUCTOR:            Bright & Smart Staff

ACTIVITY:                    213431

DAYS:                           Friday

TIME:                            12:00pm-12:45pm

DATES:                         A1,    February 2-February 23

                                       A2,   April 5-April 26

                                       A3,   May 3-May 24

COST:                           per 4-week session: Resident $64, Non-resident $80


Ages 2-5 yrs

This INDOOR child development program is designed to introduce children to the game of baseball.  We teach the proper way to throw, catch, hit, and run in a fun and exciting environment.  1 coach per 7 children ratio is provided for individual attention and instruction. Children ages 2-3 yrs require parent/caregiver participation.  Promotes teamwork, coordination, social skills. 

INSTRUCTOR:      Lil Sluggers PBC

ACTIVITY:              213051

DAY:                        Saturday

DATES:                   A,   February 3-February 24

                                 B,   March 23-April 27

                                 C,   May 4-May 18


A1, B1, C1                Ages 4-5 yrs           8:15am-9am

A2, B2, C2              Age 2 yrs                 9:15am-10am A2, B2, C2 FULL

A3, B3, C3              Age 3 yrs                 10:15am-11am 

A4, B4, C4             Ages 3.5-4 yrs        11:15am-12pm 

COST:                    per 4-week session (A): Resident $84, Non-resident $105

                                per 6-week session (B): Resident $126, Non-resident $157.50

                                per 3-week session (C): Resident $63, Non-resident $78.75


Ages 0-5 yrs

Weekly INDOOR 45-minute classes for newborns up to age 6 and their caregivers to sing, dance, play and drum along. Promotes music appreciation, social skills, and coordination. Provider requires registrants to pay the Materials Fee $50 (booklet and download code) directly on her website prior to the first class (www.musictogetherwithlaurie.com).

INSTRUCTOR:           Laurie Luczak, Music Together with Laurie

ACTIVITY:                213017

DAYS:                       Thursday

DATES:                    A*,   February 8-April 4 (no class 3/21)

*Class will be outside at the Family Pavilion 3/7 & 3/14

                                  B,   April 11-May 30


A1, B1                        9:30am-10:15am A1 FULL

A2, B2                      10:30am-11:15am A2 FULL

A3, B3                       11:30am-12:15pm A3 FULL

COST                      per 8-week session: Resident $152 1st child, $129.20 2nd child

                                   Non-resident $190 1st child, $161.50 2nd child


Ages 2-5 yrs

This weekly OUTDOOR program is an introduction to soccer that utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on the basics of soccer skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting. Each week we highlight a positive trait such as respect, teamwork, and appreciation. Indoors during inclement weather. Promotes gross motor skills, teamwork, social skills, and learning basic soccer skills. Parent/Caregiver participation is required for ages 2-3.5. Materials Fee $20 (soccer jersey) payable to the instructor on the first day of class.

INSTRUCTOR:       Soccer Shots Staff

ACTIVITY:               213010

DAY:                       Saturday

DATES:                    A,   February 3-March 23

                                  C,   April 6-May 25


A1 ,C1                       Ages 2-3.5 yrs            9am-9:30am  A1 FULL

A2, C2                     Ages 2-3.5 yrs           9:40am-10:10am  A2 FULL

A3, C3                     Ages 3.5-5 yrs           10:20am-11:05am   

COST:                per 8-week session: Resident $160, Non-resident $200

DAY:                       Sunday

DATES:                    B,   February 4-March 24

                                  D,   April 7-May 26


B1, D1                         Ages 2-3.5 yrs        10:15am-10:45am   B1, D1 FULL

B2, D2                       Ages 2-3.5 yrs         10:50am-11:20am B2 FULL

B3, D3                       Ages 3.5-5 yrs         11:25am-12:10am   B3 FULL

COST:                       per 8-week session: Resident $160, Non-resident $200


Ages 1-4 yrs

Indoor playroom includes toys, bubbles, costumes, crafts, snacks/juice, plus coffee and tea for the adults. Drop-in program. Adult supervision is required. 

ACTIVITY:                   213006

DAY:                             Tuesday

TIME:                           10:00am-12:00pm

DATES:                      ** B1, February 20;    C1, March 26;     D1, April 16;     E1, May 21

COST per child:       Resident $5

COST per adult:      FREE, registration required.

**Pre-registration for Feb Tot Time will end at 3:00pm on Sunday, Feb 18 due to registration system upgrade. Payment can be made day-of but only cash and exact change will be accepted.

Elementary School Age


Ages 7-14 yrs

Have your child explore and develop their personalities and draw out their creative sides through acting and improvisation! The activities range from vocal and physical warm-ups, creative scene improvisation, and "acting" games that center around focus and attention span building but also translate to an actor's performance disciplines. I aim to build confidence in their public speaking, encourage their abilities with ensemble work, and develop their creativity, all while having FUN! Promotes creativity, public speaking skills, self-confidence, and teamwork.

INSTRUCTOR:       David Tully, Tully Teaches

ACTIVITY:                213063

DAY:                         Monday

TIME:                       4:30pm-6:00pm

DATES:                    A1,   February 5-March 11 (no class 2/19, 3/4)

                                  A2,   April 1-April 29

                                  A3,   May 6-May 20

COST:                      per 4-week session (A1): Resident $100, Nonresident $125

                                   per 5-week session (A2): Resident $125, Nonresident $156.25

                                   per 3-week session (A3): Resident $75, Nonresident $93.75


Ages 5-6 yrs

Participants learn more about technology by building robots and designing their creations using Legos. Working in teams of two, they will solve engaging techno challenges each week. Promotes critical thinking, teamwork, building, and creativity. Class will take place at the Swim & Racquet Community Center (21618 St. Andrews Blvd).

INSTRUCTOR:   Bright & Smart Staff

ACTIVITY:           212001

DAY:                    Wednesday

TIME:                   4:45pm-5:45pm

DATES:               A2,   March 27-May 22 (no class 4/10)

COST:                  per 6-week session (A1): Resident $180, Non-resident $225

                              per 8-week session (A2): Resident $240, Non-resident $300


Ages 7-8 yrs

Unlock a world of imagination and innovation for your child with our exciting class, tailored especially for young, curious minds! Watch as they move from brainstorming to designing, constructing, building, and even programming their robotic masterpieces. Gift your child the joy of learning, the thrill of innovation, and the pride of creation. Enroll them now and set them on a path to a future filled with endless possibilities! Promotes creativity, problem-solving skills, and gross motor skills.

INSTRUCTOR:    Bright & Smart Staff

ACTIVITY:             213413

DAY:                      Thursday

TIME:                    5:15pm-6:15pm

DATES:                B2,   March 28-May 23

COST:                   per 5-week session (B1): Resident $150, Non-resident $187.50

                              per 9-week session (B2): Resident $270, Non-resident $337.50


Ages 9-12 yrs

Dive into our dynamic class tailored for inquisitive older elementary school students. Working in groups of two, they will embark on a weekly voyage through cutting-edge 3D printing and thrilling engineering challenges. With a fusion of foundational science and real-world engineering, your child will tackle enthralling problems, sparking their natural creativity and problem-solving processes. BY course-end, participants will showcase their unique 3D-printed inventions. Promotes active learning, critical thinking skills, and imagination. Materials fee $25 (5-week)/$45 (9-week) includes 3D printed materials & take-home projects.

INSTRUCTOR:       Bright & Smart Staff

ACTIVITY:              213413

DAY:                       Tuesday

TIME:                     5:00pm-6:00pm

DATES:                   C2,   March 26-May 21

COST:                     per 5-week session (C1): Resident $150, Non-resident $187.50

                               per 9-week session: Resident $270, Non-resident $337.50


Ages 10-14 yrs

In this exhilarating program, teams of two will dive deep into the world of app design and drone piloting. Using the intuitive MakeCode and the versatile AirBlock systems, each session brings a new adventure. Each week the budding scientists and engineers will face enthralling App and Drone tasks. Not just any task though, but ones that encourage them to apply fresh science and engineering concepts, making learning an absolute thrill! Promotes innovation, problem-solving skills, and coding skills.

INSTRUCTOR:    Bright & Smart Staff

ACTIVITY:             213413

DAY:                      Thursday

TIME:                     6:30pm-7:30pm

DATES:                 D2,   March 28-May 23

COST:                   per 5-week session (D1): Resident $150, Non-resident $187.50

                              per 9-week session (D2): Resident $270, Non-resident $337.50


Ages 7-12

This weekly class is part of a one-of-a-kind, nationally recognized program designed to create extraordinary FUN that makes great kids appear! Each magic lesson builds character, confidence, and communication skills that will positively impact your child for the rest of their life. We focus on magic, fun, and learning, The MAGIC makes the FUN happen; the FUN makes the LEARNING easy! Each of the 4 Wand Courses contain completely different lessons and tricks. Promotes communication skills, public speaking, creativity, and empathy. Materials Fee $70 (Magic Kit which includes carry case, printed materials, supplies/props for 1-2 tricks per class, lifetime access to the online Video Vault, and an exclusive graduation certificate and wand) is payable to the instructor prior to the first class; Provider will contact you with details. Class will take place at the Swim & Racquet Community Center (21618 St. Andrews Blvd).

INSTRUCTOR:   Alan Kratish, South Florida Magic School

ACTIVITY:           212003

DAY:                    Saturday

TIME:                  10:30am-12:00pm

DATES:               A1,   March 9-May 18 (no class 3/30, 4/20)

COST:                 per 9-week session: Resident $225, Non-resident $281.25


Ages 5-11 yrs

Students will create hands-on projects, learn about famous artists, and explore different artistic techniques. After every class, students will have a completed project to take home. Projects will include canvas paintings, watercolor paintings, 3D mixed media pieces, etc.  Promotes fine motor skill development and self-expression. Materials Fee $10 (paint, craft supplies, etc.) payable to the instructor at the first class. Class will take place at the Swim & Racquet Community Center (21618 St. Andrews Blvd).

INSTRUCTOR:       Eco Creations Staff

ACTIVITY:              212002

DAY:                       Monday

TIME:                    4:30pm-5:45pm

DATES:                  A1,   April 1-May 20

COST:                   per 8-week session: Resident $215, Non-resident $268.75


Ages 4-12

The Grit Ninja has packed up equipment and is ready to turn Sugar Sand Park into a unique ninja warrior obstacle course! During each action-packed class, aspiring ninjas will climb, swing, jump and run on our ever-changing equipment which may include a rock wall, monkey bars, grip gauntlet, balance courses, warped walls, and more! The program was designed by The Grit Ninja's professional coaches - many of whom have competed on NBC's American Ninja Warrior. Our coaches will guide ninjas as they tackle our fun obstacles that build strength, coordination, agility, balance, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and most importantly, GRIT!  

INSTRUCTOR:          The Grit Ninja Staff

ACTIVITY:                  213002

DAY:                           Wednesday

DATE:                         A1*, February 7-March 13

*Class will be outside on the field 3/6 & 3/13

                                     A2, March 27-May 15 (no class 4/10)

TIME:                         4:00pm-4:50pm

COST:                         per 6-week session (A1): Resident $180, Non-resident $225

                                    per 7-week session (A2): Resident $210, Non-resident $262.50


Ages 7-13

Music specialists will teach students the techniques, approaches, and theory behind singing A Capella in an engaging and entertaining way. Each vocal group will learn 4 hand-picked songs per session. There will be a performance for parents on the last day of class.  Promotes music appreciation, vocal control, and self-confidence.

INSTRUCTOR:     Sunset Strings Academy Staff

ACTIVITY:             213015

DAY:                      Thursdays

DATES:                 C,   March 28-May 23


C1,                   Ages 7-10       5:00pm-6:00pm

C2,                  Ages 11-13       6:15pm-7:15pm

COST:                 per 9-week session (C): Resident $234, Non-resident $292.50


Ages 7-13 yrs

Music specialists will teach students the theory, anatomy, and techniques behind playing the guitar. There will be a performance for parents on the last day of class. Promotes music appreciation, time management, and self-confidence.

INSTRUCTOR:   Sunset Strings Academy Staff

ACTIVITY:            213015

DAY:                     Tuesday

DATES:                D,   March 26-May 21


D1,                 Ages 7-10      5:00pm-5:45pm

D2,                Ages 11-13      6:00pm-6:45pm

COST:                 per 9-week session (D): Resident $234, Non-resident $292.50